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My SEO glossary has been designed to provide a clearer understanding of terms used when reading search engine optimization articles, tutorials, and books. Each description provides you with a brief overview of the term, links to articles which will describe that term in more detail, and links to websites where further information may be found.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of tactics used to improve a website's position within the organic search results of a search engine for a specific keyword, or phrase. It's function is meant to increase the website's natural ranking in search results, which would as a result, increase the traffic to the site. The theory is that most users click on the first few links of a search result at a higher degree then further down the page. It is the desire of webmasters to rank as high on a search result for their targeted keywords. A variety of methods can be used to obtain this result and are best discussed in a variety of online SEO articles and tutorials.


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