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Web CEO - Product Review

I was sceptical of this software, because I consider myself knowledgable in the area of search engine optimization, and didn’t think I would benefit much from Web CEO’s tools.

The first thing I noticed was this software’s slick interface: clean, pretty and easy to navigate.

I was impressed and suprized with how full featured this package of tools is. The keyword research tool works much the same as other online tools like Overture’s or Wordtracker’s Keyword Tools, except this Web CEO is feature-rich and is done within the software rather than a web site… so you can save your keyword reports.

I also find the search engine rank checker to be invaluable. It can check many search engines for your targetted keywords and spit out reports in easy to read format. It also keeps track of ranking over time.

I ran one of my website’s through it’s optimization suggestion tool, and was really impressed. The software picked up on things that had slipped my mind… like making javascript external instead directly in my site’s pages.

Their are many other tools included, some I will never use, but just the three features I mentioned above were reason enough to upgrade my copy of Web CEO to the “SmallBiz” addition… which has some added features, plus allows you research more keywords and rankings than the free addition.

I am really happy with my purchase, and give Web CEO my full approval and two thumbs up.

I should mention that Web CEO doesn’t suggest “spammy” or “black hat” SEO techniques. There support is also fabulous, and update the software on what seems to be almost a daily basis with new algorythm research.

So download the free addition, but be warned: it’s addictive software, and you will want to purchase an upgrade.

Overall Grade: 9/10
Url: Web CEO

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